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4 years ago

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Hey again Luuux :)
A little while ago, ELF (http://EyesLipsFace.com) was having a promotion in which if you spent $30, they would give you a free $25 gift card :D Although there weren`t any additional discounts with this offer, I figured it would be like saving $25 since I could use the gift card on my next order! I thought it was a pretty good deal, and had been wanting to pick some things up for myself and some friends anyway :) I`m not the biggest fan of ELF products, but I do admit, they have very affordable products that are decent quality~ Anyway, keep reading for details on everything I bought! Read the entire post for some news on my upcoming giveaway ^^


<strong>3 Fairy Dust Essential Glitter Nail Polishes</strong> ($2 each):
I first saw this flaky glitter top coat on someone else`s post on Luuux and knew I had to get it! It`s basically a clear polish with suspended holographic flake glitters. I`ve heard that it`s a relative dupe of Essie`s `Shine of the Times`, and I`ve wanted that for the longest time now! Since I coudln`t find it in stores anymore, I thought I`d try this one out instead :) Although this may not be an exact dupe, I believe it gives a similar effect, and it`s much more affordable! I picked up 3 so I could keep one for myself, and will be giving away the other 2 in my upcoming giveaway :D

<strong>2 Pink Passion Studio Blushes</strong> ($3 each):
I`ve heard nothing but great things about this particular blush, so I wanted to give it a try. It`s a bright candy pink matte blush :) I own 2 of the ELF Studio blushes and do find that they`re very nice quality, so hopefully this will be just as good ^^

<strong>1 Fuchsia Fusion Studio Blush</strong> ($3):
I`ve heard great things about this blush as well. It`s a mauve-toned pink blush with golden shimmer. Can`t wait to try it out.

<strong>2 Studio Kabuki Face Brushes</strong> ($6 each):
I absolutely love this kabuki brush; it`s so soft and pretty durable. I`ve had the one I already own for over a year now, and it hasn`t shed much at all :) It`s great for applying loose/pressed powder, and also for blush :D I bought one to keep and one to give to a friend as a stocking stuffer~

<strong>2 Studio Powder Brushes</strong> ($3 each):
This brush is really dense and also pretty soft. Great for liquid foundation application! It`s not nearly as good as my Sigma F80, but for $3, you can`t go wrong! I`ve had pretty bad shedding problems with the one I already own, but I think it`s worth it for the price! Again, one is for me and one is for a friend :)

<strong>1 Studio Fan Brush</strong> ($3):
I wanted to try a fan brush for applying highlight, so just added this in my basket to bring my total to at least $30 so I could get the free gift card :)

<strong>FREE $25 Gift Card</strong>:
Speaking of the gift card, as promised, the order came with this gift card for $25! Don`t know what I`m going to buy with it yet though~ Maybe I`ll get more stocking stuffers for my friends for Christmas :D


That`s it for this haul! Hopefully I`ll get to try everything and be pleased with my purchase :) Now, on to the giveaway news! Last year, I had a huge giveaway about this time of year. I wanted to do another giveaway before the end of 2012, so in about a week or so, I`ll be doing another giveaway for everyone to be able to enter ^^ It won`t be as large or extravagant as last year, but hopefully you`ll be excited about some of the things I`ll be giving away! Be sure to friend & follow me to be updated as soon as I post it! :D

<em>Tell Me: Do you like ELF products? If so, what are your favorites? Have you tried any of the things I purchased? Let me know in your comments below! :)</em>

<strong>As always, feel free to rate this post, add me as a friend, or follow me! :D If you`re feeling extra loving, you`re more than welcome to do all three! ^^ </strong>

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