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Hey Luuuxers!

I wanted to share with you my little ELF haul, and also host a small little giveaway!

I`ll post my items first and explain why I`m having a giveaway later below.

A few weeks ago, ELF was having a 50% off Studio line sale, and I decided to take advantage of this opportunity and order some items I`ve been wanting for a while.

First up, are the Matte Lip Colours. I previously purchased one of these a while ago and loved it so much, I wanted to get the different colours as well. I ended up ordering 4 different shades (Rich Red, Natural, Nearly Nude and Tea Rose) to match the Coral one I already own.

Next, I knew I wanted to grab an SPF 15 lip balm. My friend from LA, knowing how much I love ELF, brought me a little care package last time she came to visit and it had one of these in there. I`ve loved it so much, I ordered a new one in a different shade :)

Another item I knew I wanted was the Matte nail polish top coat. I`ve heard really good things about this mattifier, and it is by far the cheapest on the market, at only 2 dollars!

While shopping the site, I noticed their new HD blush. It`s actually a liquid blush, which really intrigued me, and I wanted to try it, so I ordered one in a shade called Superstar. Expect a review soon.

I ordered the white eyeliner pencil because I`ve been needing one, and the small concealer brush I bought to use as a lipbrush since the reviews on the site suggested that it does a better job than the actual lip brushes they sell.

Lastly, I decided to order some Studio Brushes since they are my favourite and I could get them for 50 % off. My sister stole and lost my elf kabuki brush a while ago, so I figured this was a great opportunity to replace it. I also ordered a small contour brush to use when I`m creating some beautiful eye looks. Lastly, I ordered a Mineral powder brush to use on my face.

Here is where the giveaway part comes in. For some reason, every time I order from ELF, something gets wacky with my order. Last time, they sent me an extra Mineral eyeshadow in the same colour as one I had ordered. I thought it might have been my mistake, and that I added 2 of them to my cart even though I always double and triple check before placing my order.

This time, I went through the items in my cart at least a dozen times before confirming my payment. But again, after I confirmed, it added another Mineral powder brush to my order.

I emailed them right away and asked them not to charge me for it but they wrote back saying I confirmed the order so they couldn`t change it! Grrrrr it bothers me that they weren`t willing to fix it especially since the error is their fault (or their computer systems fault).

Has anyone else had this happen to them?

ANYWAYS! Because I only need one Mineral powder brush, I figure I may as well share the wealth and host my first ever online giveaway! Woooooo. It`s nothing too big, but you can`t go wrong with free right? Lol

I`m going to host it right here on Luuux. To enter, all you have to do is comment on this post telling me what your favourite ELF product is and WHY! (If you just name a product and don`t tell me why you like it, I won`t count it!) If you have never tried ELF before, tell me what product you are most excited to try and why! I`m going to pick my top answers and then draw a name from a hat.

Since I`m hosting it, the giveaway is open to anyone (I don`t mind shipping it to wherever you happen to live)

Please don`t post any shipping information in the comments section! It`s dangerous to post that information online!
Once I choose a winner, I will send a private message to that person asking for their details!

Oh yeah, make sure you are my friend on Luuux as well so I can private message you without any problems... New friends are always welcome :D

I`m going to decide a on October 12.... which happens to be my birthday! LOL I figure instead of receiving a gift, I will give a gift instead!

Feel free to share with other Luuuxers who may want to enter :)


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