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4 years ago

I haven`t purchased anything from ELF in about year, both in stores and online. I like a few of ELF items, because they do have a lot of good quality makeup, but I find most of it to be hit or miss, or I just don`t end up using it as much as other drugstore products or my high end products.

This time around I didn`t purchase too much "makeup" (such as lipstick. blush etc). And what I did get, I was a bit disappointed in!

- <strong>Elf cream eye shadow</strong>: The last time I purchase two of these, I really liked them because they are good cream shadows, but I noticed this time the packaging is MUCH smaller. I think if they`re going to do that, then they should decrease the price as well!

- <strong>Daily brush cleaner</strong>: This is another product that I feel should be bigger for the $3 line. Haven`t gotten a chance to try it yet though.

-<strong> Lip exfoliator x2</strong>: This is probably my favorite thing that I purchased. I think its worth the price if you normally buy lip scrubs from Lush/Sephora. I used it about 3 times already I think it does a great job.

- <strong>Makeup remover pens x2</strong>: I bought one for my purse and makeup area at home. I think its a good thing to have handy. I think its better for travel so you won`t have to use Qtips and makeup remover.

- <strong>eye brow kit</strong>: I got this in the shade "dark"...but its too light =/ The gel works really nicely and I like that part, but the powder component it too light for me. I have natural jet black hair. So beware of that if you`re ordering. I`ll do a full review on it later.

- <strong>Contour brush</strong>: I love ELFs studio line brushes! I think they`re worth the money.

- <strong>Mascara</strong>: I bought this mainly for the wand (which has a spare tip). I figured if I don`t like the formulation, I can always just clean off the want and use it with mascaras that I do like.

<strong>Total: $27.00 USD + free shipping</strong>

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