E.l.f. False Eyelashes for 1.00!

The other day when I was in Target, I overheard someone telling her friend about 1.00 make up brushes and pointing them out so I went crazy over those and bought them. I continued to look at E.l.f`s products (usually I never buy anything from E.l.f. because they put very harmful chemicals in all their products but brushes and eyelashes are fine). When I was looking at their products I found these lashes for 1.00 each! I was so surprised because I wear fake lashes everyday and I always get stuck paying at least 7.00 for lashes and these were only a dollar! I don`t imagine they will be as good as my 8.00 pair but you can`t really go wrong for lashes that are a dollar, especially when your using good glue to hold them on. I`ll just take extra good care of them to reuse them a few times again. I`ve even used 7.00 lashes that have only lasted me about a week so these are a much cheaper option if I can get at least a week out of them. Great buy and I just had to inform everyone about these lashes. These lashes do come with glue but I don`t think I`ll be using that because I know it`s loaded with harmful chemicals and I buy a high quality glue seperatly with no harmful chemicals. You can buy these lashes at Target for only a dollar! Hope all you ladies that wear fake lashes out there take advantage of this amazing deal because wearing fake lashes can get very expensive and now it doesn`t have to be as expensive!

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