ELF Essential Eye Makeup Remover Pads

I just finished up a little package of ELF Essential Eye Makeup Remover Pads (a pack of 24 wipes), and I wanted to share my review on it. I was going to just mention this in an empties video, but I have yet to film that, I figured this mini review would be quicker. First off, these wipes are tiny little squares, approx. 4 inches in size. When I first opened the package I thought they were way too small to remove all my eye makeup - and they kind of are. With one square I can remove my eyeshadows, liner and a bit of mascara for just one eye. I then need another square for the other eye and then an additional eye makeup remover to get my mascara off. Usually when I`m removing my makeup, I use the ELF Studio Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths all over my face and eyes, then I use an eye makeup remover lotion to get the mascara off. With these little eye makeup remover wipes, it turns out to be an extra step and extra products in my removal routine.

The before and after photos shown are of the ELF Essential Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Hunter Green. As you can see the eye makeup remover wipes removed the waterproof liner very well and you cannot see any residue left behind. Great removal power - and they are gentle on the eye are, I experience no irritation or burning (which is common for me with most makeup remover wipes - except for ELF).

In conclusion, I like the wipes more for travel, but I won`t repurchase them to use in my daily removal routine because they seem a little redundant for me.

http://EyesLipsFace.com: Essential Eye Makeup Remover Pads | 24 Pack | 3.75"x3.75" | $2.00
DESCRIPTION: Forget the mess of liquid eye makeup remover and say hello to our easy to use Eye Makeup Remover Pads! Package is perfectly sized for travel and for the girl on-the-go, just throw it in your purse or gym bag! Simply swipe a remover pad over eye makeup when you`re ready to remove, or use to correct eye makeup mistakes or smudges. Your eyes will feel fresh and clean with the gentle formula. Fragrance Free.
DIRECTIONS: Smooth pad over closed lid and lashes. Tissue off before reapplying makeup. Recommended for use with e.l.f. mascara and eye makeup.

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