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5 years ago

I`ve been using E.L.F. cosmetics pretty much since the day they first launched, and it was actually the very first makeup brand I tried when I first started getting into makeup, which was perfect since their prices were really cheap. With that being said, I`ve used enough of their different products to say that most of them can easily be a hit or miss.

You can get this on site or in stores for just $3. According to the website, "the cream formula creates smooth lines that are defined and precise." Their website also has cream liners in nine other colors.

I got the basic black since it was my first time experimenting with cream liners. This also comes with its own brush. I usually do not use brushes that come with products like this, but it`s decent enough.

As always, I HAVE to comment on the packaging lol I`ve heard tons of complaints on the packaging being super bulky, but I don`t find it to be so at all. True, the packaging is made of a glass container with lots of "empty" space around the actual product, but I don`t find it to be all that bothersome. No, you cannot fit it in the back of your jeans pocket (who would do that anyway?), but yes, you can most definitely carry it around in your little purse, clutch, or anywhere else. So it`s travel friendly, for sure.

Personally, I really like the packaging overall. It looks high end to me. *shrugs* Here`s a top and side view so you can get an idea of the "empty" space I`m talking about around the product:

As far as the actual liner and how it performs, I`d have to say that overall, I give it a 9/10. Here`s why:

The color is a rich, bold, dark black, which I like because I know some black colors seem to be dark, but really come out so light that it`s not true to color at all. This one definitely is. So that`s a plus.

Another good thing is that it glides on very smoothly! It`s long lasting on the eye, gives you complete control and precision, pigmented, and it`s easy to apply, especially when making thin or thick lines.

What I love most about this product is that it`s true to its word about being smudge proof and water resistant. Above, I poured some water on the back of my hand, and began rubbing the swatch off with a pretty good amount of pressure, and I like that it didn`t completely scrape away. When I just applied water, and rubbed it lightly with minimal pressure, it didn`t budge AT ALL, which definitely makes it safe to "combat against sweat, tears, or rain," like it says on their website. Thumbs up on that.

Now here`s why I knocked off a point. It`s because I noticed that the liner dries up as if I had left the liner out for a long period of time in the sun without its lid on. Very strange, but when I noticed that, I was like, "What the heck?" As a result, even though it`s still pigmented, because it dries in the container, I have to swirl the brush in there for a little while before I apply to get it creamy again.

Other than that one minor detail, it works really well, and it`s a great quality liner for the price!

Thanks for reading.

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