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2 years ago

ELF Cosmetic Bags

On my last ELF haul, I bought two of their cosmetic bags/cases. I had a hard time finding photos of the colors I wanted to buy online, so here I am sharing mine in case anyone`s interested.

The two that I got were:

<dl><dt> <a href="http://www.eyeslipsface.com/elf/tools/tools_cases/dump_bag&quot;&gt;Essentials Dump Bag</a></dt>
<dd>I bought this in the color bronze. This was bigger than I though it would be but it holds a lot! I keep this in my purse to store all my lotions, sanitizers, hand creams, etc. It has a zippered pocket on the inside where I keep feminine care stuff and an open pocket on the otherside. I find this extremely handy but if you over pack it, it gets all pokey.</dd>
<dt> <a href="http://www.eyeslipsface.com/elf/tools/tools_cases/signature&quot;&gt;Essentials Signature Case</a></dt>
<dd>I bought this in silver and in real life it`s more of a taupey-grey metallic color. It`s the perfect size. I love that it has two zippered pouches: one that is empty and another that is designed to hold brushes and what not. This is my favorite out of the two!</dd>

They both cost $8 on the website but I paid only $4 for each when they had a 50% off sale going on. BTW, ELF is doing a BOGO Free sale on all their bestsellers this week!

<em>What do you guys think? Do you have any of their cosmetic cases?</em>

Photos are mine.

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