ELF Beauty Boot Camp Contest Entry - Hot Pink Lip

ELF has a contest running right now (ends 2/3/13) where they want to see your versions of their lastest Trends To Try - they gave entrants the option of doing as many of the trends as they like. I decided to do just two (mainly because I`m not a fan of contouring), and for fun I thought I would do a photo-tutorial for my blog, showing how I accomplished each one.

Today`s entry is for their Hot Pink Lip. If you are familiar with me and my style, I love me some brights, so when I saw one of the trends was a hot pink lip, I knew I had to do that one! Unfortunately ELF doesn`t have much variety in their bright lip colors - I wish they would make a bright pink or fuchsia in their Matte Lip Color pencils. When I wear a bright lip, I`m usually needing it to last all day, so I have catered this photo-tutorial to share how I ensure a long wear.

Here`s all the tools I used:
Studio Lip Exfoliator
Studio Lip Primer & Plumper
Studio Lip Lock Pencil
Essential Feather Proof Moisturizing Lip Liner
Essential Lipstick
Studio Pout Perfecter

Step 1 - exfoliate lips to remove any dry flakes, smooth fine lines and help the lip products blend into the skin easier

Step 2 - I like to use a lip plumper prior to adding my lip colors, just because I like the subtle tingle and plumping - and I love the smell of cinnamon :)

Step 3 - apply a lip primer to neutralize the natural lip color, this will help the added lip color show truer

Step 4 - the lip lock pencil is a must to keep your lip color in check, it really helps to prevent color bleeding, feathering and smudging (like when your kids grab your face, lol)

Step 5 - apply a lip liner to shape your lips and it serves as a base color so when your lipstick starts to fade away you`ll still have the stain from the lip liner to hold up the coverage

Step 6 - apply lipstick, I do a light layer first, press lips together for a good blend then apply a second layer

Step 7 - apply a dab of pout perfecter, the reflective particles are not gritty but still attract light making your pout look perfect ;)

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