ELF Beauty Boot Camp Contest Entry - Cat Eye

ELF has a contest running right now (ends 2/3/13) where they want to see your versions of their lastest Trends To Try - they gave entrants the option of doing as many of the trends as they like. I decided to do just two (mainly because I`m not a fan of contouring), and for fun I thought I would do a photo-tutorial for my blog, showing how I accomplished each one.

Today`s entry is for their Cat Eye Trend. Personally, I like to step up my liner looks, so I decided to go with a double liner trend - which I have been really loving lately. I went with a pop of purple this time, I`m trying to branch out from my go-to blue shades :)

Here`s all the tools I used:
Essential Shimmer Eyeliner - Plum Passion
Studio Single Eyeshadow - Purple Passion
Studio Precision Liquid Eyeliner

Prep - curl lashes, I do this first so I don`t remove any makeup when curling my lashes afterwards (I like to get my curler as close as possible for the most lift)

Step 1 - shape your liner with the creamy shimmer eyeliner pencil, extend the wing to your liking and direction it towards the end of your eyebrow (some people call this extending the angle of your lower lash line)

Step 2 - use an angled eye brush to press a similarly colored eyeshadow onto the creamy shimmer eyeliner, this will ensure longer wear, no smudging and no transfer to your upper lid (plus it helps intensify the color)

Step 3 - apply your liquid liner to follow your lash line and extend the wing to match the angle of your colored liner, the thickness of your black liner is up to you, but keep in mind you still want to see the color popping out

Finish - apply your mascara, false lashes, liner on the water line... it`s all up to you. I only applied mascara in this photo-tutorial, but false lashes are always fun

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