Elf 100 Eyeshadow Palette

5 years ago

The ELF is an imported brand full of cheap products and high quality. I`d love to test the blushes, powders and their shadows. Some of the shadows in the unit we find American, but it has not had the courage to buy at all cost about $ 15-20 each.

In fact the U.S. has several products in the elf, but none really cool product we dying to try. These legal products we only find it in online stores!

Then I met this palette of 100 colors. And so are well worth! And the price is hyper cheap!

What I really liked about her is that the colors are super balanced. It has color matte, shimmer and glitter. And I have some palettes that`s like 5 roses with glitter and no matte. She has about 60 neutral colors, browns, whites, creams, blacks, and the rest are colors that we actually use on a daily basis, azius, green, pink, purple, orange.

This is not one who loves being palette to drag. It is a palette for those who want to invest in something to use every day and night. She is the type of shadow that Mary Kay also makes, colors are wearable for a woman all day. For those who like to use brightness of day or night, but moderately.

Even the shadows are not extremely glossy glossy, that kind of brightness that you see there`s another corner. Are bright and beautiful lady worthy of a discrete (but not lady gaga!)

Of course she also has some stronger colors, vermelhões, verdões and so on. But I really think that all colors are wearable and beautiful.

I did some makeup for you to see how the colors are beautiful and well pigmented.

I recommend this palette if you want to buy a palette of colors usable, without those fluorescent colors and bizarre you just have to have and never leave home with them.

Compared with the 120 palettes quality of the shadows is very similar. The differences are that the shadows are larger (squares while 120 are plump) and I found the colors more evenly distributed. I say this because in some palettes of 120 colors is very similar to the skin are identical, and other color palettes 120 has super drag queens, or just super natural, and have enough shadows you end up having to buy two or three different models . Of course, this palette also have skin colors that are super close and this is normal. It was kind of to let you know the difference yourself. Oh! The shadows in this palette of glossy ELF chegays are also less than those of the 120 colors, so that the gloss of the 120 are very bright, even metal. And the elf`s are brilliant but more discreet.

Source link: http://www.eyeslipsface.com/studio/eyes/sets/endless_eyes_pro_eyeshadow_palette_limited_edition

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