E.L.F. 10 Piece Professional Brush Collection Review

4 years ago

I purchased this a few months back at Burlington for $7.99. Yep!
Thought it was a GREAT deal & was really excited.
10 brush for 7.99?!?!? WHAT!

This is a review on the products.

I`m going to go in order left to right as they are positioned in the box.

Since this is a collection, the handles are black, don`t be fooled, these are the $1 professional brushes. NOT the studio line! =(

E.L.F. Professional Bronzing Brush-
First up we have the blush brush. This is what it says on the back of the box, but imprinted on the handle of this brush is e.l.f professional bronzing brush. Hmmm.... I know many people do use the same brush for both these purposes, I just think someone would have caught that mistake!

- sturdy in construction. handle is secure

- dyed maroon, bleeds when you wash it. I`ve washed this brush multiple times and it still bleeds.
- bristles are scratchy
- fall out (even after washing many times)
- not fluffy or dense enough for me

In my opinion this brush is NOT a keeper. I do not use it, I have not reached for it, I just do NOT care for this brush at all!

E.L.F. Professional Foundation Brush-
Next up we have the foundation brush. This brush seems nice. I do NOT use a foundation brush, ever. So honestly I can`t give a fair review or opinion on this brush.

- synthetic fibers, can be used with liquid or dry products
- sturdy in construction handle is secure
- bristles are soft, this brush is on the stiffer side but still pliable

- small in comparison to other foundation brushes

To be fair, I do NOT wear a ton of foundation. So I can`t really speak too much on this brush. I think it would be a little small for applying foundation all over, it is about twice as big as my concealer brush I love from Essence of Beauty.

E.L.F. Professional Brow Comb & Brush-
Next up we have the brow comb/brush. I love these little duo brushes. Not to say elf has the best one, they pretty much are about the same. I do NOT use this brush for my brows, I actually use these types of brushes for combing my lashes and removing clumps (if any) from my mascara.

E.L.F. Professional Eyelash & Brow Wand-
Next up we have the eyelash & brow. Which is a nice addition to my collection of wands. This is nothing more than a spooly. The handle is secure. The wand is soft to the touch. I use this when I comb my brows as well as when I trim them. =) Happy. I love these. They come n so handy at times! E.L.F.`s is just as good as any out there.

E.L.F. Professional Eyeliner Brush-
Next up we have the eyeliner brush. I love this brush. It is one of the brushes I grab for most often.

- sturdy construction, handle is secure
- synthetic bristles, can be used with powder, liquid even gel
- brush holds form but is still pliable during use

No cons to this brush. Wish they made a mini angled version of this one! I do use this brush almost daily.

E.L.F. Professional Lip Brush-
- good shape
- sturdy construction, handle is secure

- hair fibers are hard to clean
- lots of fallout

I`m on the fence about this brush here. I like the brush, I just wish it was easier to clean and didn`t have fallout!

E.L.F. Professional Eyeshadow Brush-
Next up we have the eyeshadow brush. I have to admit I`m a little disappointed with this brush. I have a $1 brush (white) from elf that is softer and just nicer then this one.

- sturdy construction, handle is secure
- dense bristles, good for packing on color
- can work as a mutli-use brush, have used it to blend colors

- scratchy bristles (even after washing & conditioning)

I like this brush, but for whatever reason, this brush is scratchy. I have plenty of other eyeshadow brushes that are softer so I don`t reach for this one often. I get sometimes they are great and other times not so great. Turns out this one is not so great.

E.L.F. Professional Concealer Brush-
Next up is the concealer brush. Look carefully and you`ll see it! Don`t blink or you`ll miss it. LOL This one has to be a joke! My blackheads are bigger then this dang brush!

- sturdy construction, handle is secure
- synthetic fibers, great for powders or liquids
- multi-use

- too small for concealer purposes

Haha. I love this brush. I just don`t use it for concealer. I use this brush to fill in my brows or to line my lashlines with eye shadows. Its a great brush for other uses then what it was made for! =)

E.L.F. Professional Smudge Eye Sponge

next up is the smudging eye sponge. Not a ton to say about this one. This brush is constructed the same as the others, sturdy. No wiggling, not loose, no excess glue showing. the sponge is soft and flexible. Easy for smudging eyeliner.

E.L.F. Professional Total Face Brush

This brush is a total FAIL. I have nothing nice at all to say about this brush. It sucks! Its dyed maroon and bleeds. Has a TON of fallout. The hairs are scratchy & matted. I hate this brush, I haven`t liked it since I opened the box and as days have passed by dislike for this brush has grown. I am happy to finally have posted this review so I can throw this brush away and never have to look at it again!

Final thought: I guess this set isn`t horrible, I am just not terribly happy with it. For $7.99, its not that bad of a deal. Knowing what I know now about these brushing I would have just bought the eyeliner brush & the concealer brush. I look forward to purchasing the studio & mineral line brushes to compare quality. Stay tuned for more reviews in the future!

Have you tried the ELF brushes? What is your take on them??

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