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4 years ago

So I have been a heavy smoker for four years now, I smoke 10+ cigarettes a day currently and I really want to stop but find it nearly impossible.

This is my third go at trying to quit using electric cigarettes. Electric cigarettes work by using an atomizer, as well as liquid containing nicotine. The atomizer heats up which vaporizes the liquid, which you then inhale. There`s a large variety of liquid you can choose, which comes in every flavor imaginable. The liquid is made of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, or a combo of both. Of course, nicotine is a toxin so this is still not healthy for you, but it doesn`t come with all the added carcinogens cigarettes contain. You can get different nicotine strengths, I always order the highest strength but you can even get one with none if you just want to simulate the act. It comes with a rechargable battery, the cigarette I have is an Ego-T CE4, this one works for quite awhile before you have to recharge it.

I find this a very effective way to quit if you really want to quit. It works to stop your physical addiction, but you really have to drop the habit mentally for it to work completely. I think that`s why it didn`t work the other times for me, but now I actually am motivated to try to quit, I just want to be healthy again!

I find it takes away my nicotine headaches and withdrawls, and I can go for much longer without smoking whereas before I needed one every couple hours. I`m sure that with this device, I could be completely nicotine free in a couple weeks but I am just such a slave to it!! You also need to moderate a lot more, the flavors taste so good and its much easier to vape on this all the time rather than smoke a real cigarette, but you can easily end up with a terrible headache or worse, poisoning. Overall, I find that this is the most successful way to quit for me, I hope I can help someone else out too! I got my cigarette from http://eliquid-usa.com and I always get spearmint/peppermint liquid from http://gourmetvapor.com.

Have you ever tried an electric cigarette?

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