Elastic Bands, My First thoughts!

5 years ago

For Christmas I got a workout elastic band, just like the ones below! I have never owned one of these, so I was excited to think back of when I took gym class, and what exercises we did with them.

I love that the have handles, for better gripping, and I like how it is not really loose, it is not too long for me, being short and all.

I usually only to exactly what the lady in the picture does, and just start pulling them up, at first it didnt feel like any pressure or felt like it wasnt working, but after you do a few sets of 10, you start to fell your muscles tightening and you can actually feel like your arms are getting tone, I ussually do about 30 a day.

30 a day is not that good, but I am usually too busy, I have been doing it everyday and I can already see a difference in how my arms look and feel:)

What exercises can you recommend to me using my new elastic bands? Please let me know!

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Source link: http://www.ehow.com/way_5157853_exercises-using-elastic-bands.html

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