okay, so we all love the jack-o-lantern with the triangle eyes & nose & smile with two crooked teeth. (:

but if you want to try something different this year, here are EIGHT really cute ideas to spice up a pumpkin decoration. (:

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1. mini fangs.
- these are those little, usually $1 pumpkins you can get. they have like no guts, so don`t cut the top off. just cut out a rectangle/oval the size of the plastic teeth (you can get these for cheap about anywhere at halloween).
- place teeth in opening. for the eyes you can use colored glitter glue, (:

2. all laced up.
- super simple. get a smallish pumpkin, & a peice of lace fabric.
- take the fabric & put it around the pumpkin, gathering at the bottom. take note of where the stem of the pumpkin hits.
- take the lace off, & cut a hole for the stem.
- re-gather, putting the stem though. cut any excess off the bottom, & hot glue down. (:

3. bedazzled.
- you`re literallly just fluing jewels to your pumpkin. (:
- get a whatever size pumpkin you want, but the big ones can be sort of tedious to glue sparkles on.
- i like the white pumpkins for this craft, but if you like orange, go for it! you can also spray paint it if you want(:
- you can do whatever pattern you likee, or write out your name or something else(: get a cute sparkly accent (like the spider) & add to the top. (:

4. mummypumpkin. (:
- these are so cute (: you need a pumpkin (you can use whatever size you want), cheesecloth (you can get it anywhere, walmart), & googly eyes (:
- wrap the pumpkin in a lay of the cheesecloth.
- apply the eyes.
- wrap again & again, going a little over the eyes.
- use a sharpie for the mouth if you want. (:

5. monogrammed.(:
- so these are just carved pumpkings, but i think they`re really cute. (:
- get three pumpkins, slightly varying in size & shape & color.
- pick your favorite three fonts on Word, & print out one your initials (one in each font) in the biggest size.
- use the prints to guide you in carving the shape.
- cutee (;

6. use it as a pot for mums (:
- just get a medium sized pumpkin, & cut off the top.
- scrape out the guts the BEST you can.
- fill with soil & mums, just like you would with any other pot (:

7. hodge podge punkin. (:
- get a big ole pumpkin, one with no bruises or anything (:
- i can`t really tell you how to make this, because the whole idea is making a face out of things around YOUR house. just hot glue them on (:

8. spider webbed!
- normal sized pumpkin (:
- get some THICK black string/yarn/whatever. put some random knots in it. then use hot glue to glue it down (one peice at a time) in the shape of a spider web.
- use can also use some of that pre-made spider web stuff they sell for halloween. just drape it on the pumpkin randomly.
- glue some plastic spiders whereever they look nice(:

so there you have eight cute things to do with pumpkins, besides carving (;

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