Eight characteristics expressed genuine jade

4 years ago

Three, jade selection
Superior quality of the jade stone called it a jade, color, transparent, uniform, shape, knock is generally watch or evaluation method of jade, and the jade is divided into: glass, dark old pit, old pit, gold, oil clear, pea green, flower green, green melon, etc.

The glass types of jade for top grade, and moisture extra high transparency, good is also known as ice, glass is the treasure.

1, color
The charming green more valuable.

2, transparency
Jadeite internal crystal structure close quality of a material is better, with high transparency, what we call a glass is the transparency of the jade stone, such as for jade itself contains rich chromium is formed of ice jade value does not poor, and it is difficult to find.

3, color uniform
Besides color charming green, high transparency, but also must tonal uniform is the top grade.

4, defects
Attention should be paid to have crack, spots, etc., these defects will affect the quality of the jade.

5, shape
Most of the jade ring surface is elliptical egg noodle form, as for the shape of the pendant is various, the stand or fall of shape and beautiful to jade price also is influential.

6, carver or grinder
The carvings baldric its work better and the meaning of the symbol of price influence.

7, size, thickness
The same quality of the jade of course is big and thick price is higher.

8, luster
In addition to the above conditions outside, luster and distinctive, not dark.

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