Eggs that can`t be peeled

4 years ago

Over the past couple of days, I was researching on how to cook the perfect soft-boiled egg and I came across a topic on impossible to peel eggs.

A lot of chicken farmers and chicken owners were advising people to leave their eggs in the fridge for at least a week before boiling them because if they were fresh eggs, they cannot be peeled properly!

When I told my boyfriend, who is a chef, he said he`s never heard of anything like this and so we decided to do an experiment.

The bottom egg in the photo was the last egg we had in the fridge, which was about 4 weeks old. The top egg was fresh from a new box of eggs we just bought. Before we peeled the eggs, one was brown and one was white, so it was easy for us to tell which one was older.

Turns out, the farmers were right. The top egg turned out to be impossible to peel as the shell layer kept sticking onto the egg whites and half the egg white came off completely! The bottom egg peeled just one. One crack, one peel and the entire egg shell came off perfectly.

They were cooked in the same pot for 15 minutes and then let cool in cold water for another 10 minutes before peeling.

Interesting isn`t it?

Hope that helps!

*photo is mine*


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