Eggplant Pasta

4 years ago

ADDICTING! OMGOSH, this is so addicting! I watched a youtube video of A Model Recommends making this pasta dish. It looked so amazingly good that I had to try it myself. I did change it up a bit but basically followed the steps as she listed them. Oh my gosh... OH MY GOSH! SO GOOD! I know I seem crazy, but really.. it was amazing and a dish I highly recommend trying! I`m a sucker for pasta as it stands, but give me a good recipe that makes the sauce from scratch and actually turns out flavorful and I`m hooked. I`m going to attach a link so you can watch her video/see her blog post. As I said, I followed it for the most part. I did make more than she did, though because I`m cooking for a family AND I like having left overs (or planned overs as my grandmother in law would call them). I didn`t measure out my ingredients, just looked at how much she called for an sort of eyeballed double or triple (depending on the ingredient)... for instance, I used 3 large garlic cloves instead of one and 2 cans of diced tomatoes instead of one and I tossed in 1 small can of tomato paste. My eggplant was also much larger than the one she used. I didn`t have fresh basil so I just used dry, which I didn`t wait until the end to add, rather added it in when I tossed in all the other seasonings to make sure the flavor spread throughout. ALSO, I did add some salt and pepper where I don`t think she did. And, she used fresh buffalo mozzarella and I used basic fresh mozzarella. I served mine over a bit of pasta and oh my gosh.. so so good! I`m full but it tastes so amazing that if I don`t restrain myself I will be going back for more! I`m trying to convince myself that I have self control. PSH! You can see her blog post on it
**The first photo is my bowl. The second photo my son`s bowl (he insisted I take a picture of his, lol!). The third photo is of the sauce in the pan while it was cooking.

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