Egg Pore Series

4 years ago

For those unfamiliar, this is the Egg Pore Series , a kit of three eggs that promises to fight Tony Moly grease, hide pores and eliminate blackheads.
I confess that promises not impressed me so much, but rather the packaging because the packaging shaped egg is different from what we see in the market is very cute!
The three products are relatively the Blackhead Out Oil Gel , which is the exfoliant, the Tightening Pack , which is the mask, and Silky Smooth Balm , which is the primary. The complete kit costs $ 30 on ebay.

Blackhead Out Oil Gel O Esfoliante

This is an exfoliating gel with microparticles that exfoliate and deep cleanse the skin, helping to remove dead skin cells and improve skin, and promising to end the nails and reduce the oiliness.

Tightening Pack The Mask

The second step is a mask that promises to remove excess oil and reduce the pore size.
The texture is creamy, the color is light brown and it is optimal to apply, spreads well and has a pleasant smell. When applied, "Cakes" on the skin and looks like a base with darker color. The effect, for me, is very similar to clay masks because it leaves skin softer and smoother, and help leave the skin without greasiness longer. As the pore size, which I think is that it helps reduce, but not all at once, will reduce gradually.

Silky Smooth Balm The primary

The texture of it is a mixture of wax, the color is white and smells great. The application is not very good because it breaks down a bit and got to know through, spreading enough, not to accumulate and not be undone.
Reduces the size of pores on the first application and safe enough oiliness, for much longer, it is a wonder! Furthermore, leaves skin velvety, smoother and more beautiful.

I confess I loved this set, which undoubtedly does what it promises! :)



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