Egg Noodles with Charsiu Pork

I haven`t had Charsiu Pork also known as <em>Chinese barbecued pork</em> in forever so it was definitely a treat waking up to a nice bowl of egg noodles with Charsiu Pork for lunch, yum.

I have been exhausted with work/school so the weekend is when I get to really sleep in and make up for all the lost sleep I have been having.

What`s in my bowl?

Thicker egg noodles (also there are thinner ones which my parents` had but I feel that the thicker ones taste better) This is available to already purchase at your local Asian supermarket
Key ingredient: The Charsiu Pork, yum. Usually we only have chicken but the pork is definitely a plus! Tastes so good.
Some shredded salad/cilantro/herbs
Toasted dried garlic (definitely bomb!)
Soy sauce!

<strong>Ever have anything like this before? Are you a fan of Egg Noodles?</strong> This is one of my favorite bowls of soup. As far as egg noodles, I like the thicker ones rather than the thinner ones.

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