Egg Custard with Sea urchin

5 years ago

I recently went out to a little restaurant in China Town in Boston with my cousins to have dinner. The name of the restaurant was in Chinese so I don`t really know what it was, but it served a lot of typical chinese food along with some exotic foods that I have heard of, but never really thought I would eat. One thing that shocked me was octopus! I wanted to try and eat some, but I couldn`t get myself to do that since it just disturbed me seeing the tentacles... ewww

I did jump out of the box and ordered a small sampling of Egg Custard with Sea urchin. I have had egg custard before and I love it. (at least it tastes delicious in a tart) I was really nervous to have this, but I realized when it came out, that the actual size of the broth was tiny! The bowl was like the size of my hand. The liquid was yellow which I assumed right away was the egg yokes and then there was something orange and black on top. I assumed that that was the sea urchin.

The egg custard with sea urchin was in a light broth that tasted in my opinion of tomato water and shiso. The sea urchin tasted well chewy and I would describe it like the bottom of the sea taste. The sea urchin was super salty and it felt like I was taking in a sip of salt when I bit into it. I hated the taste of it so I gave it to my cousin to finish. She loved it???? I think sea urchin is something you have to learn to love... similar to sushi since I know of people who feel yucky about eating raw fish. I feel yucky eating sea urchin!

Have you had egg custard with sea urchin before?
Like it or hate it?

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