Egg custard with blueberries!

5 years ago

This picture was from a few years back, but I just found it on my computer and I decided to share it with you. I don`t know if KFC still sell these little treats, but they used to and they taste amazing. I haven`t been there in a long time, so I might want to go back and see if these tarts are still there!

When I got the tarts, they were super warm like they just came out of the oven (which they probably were) There was hot piping egg custard in the center. the egg custard was similar to crème-brulee and was silky smooth. The pastry shell was buttery and fragrant. I bet they used so much butter to make this!! It wouldn`t surprise me if this was full of fat and calories lol. I did limit myself to only 3.. even though I wanted a lot more! On top of the whole tart was a huge spoonful of blueberries covered in sugar in syrup. The blueberries provided a nice sweet contrast to the buttery tart! I love it and I want more, but I just looked online while typing this post , and I think they are unavailable... (I did get this like years ago , so I guess it makes sense that they are gone)

Have you ever had this before?
Do you still go to KFC?

*pic is mine*

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