Egg and Pork `Hamburger`

4 years ago

It`s Spring Break for me right now so I am so glad I can finally be more active like I promised! I`ve been holding on so many posts that it seems like there will be gazillions of blog posts I need to post up. Sorry to my Luuux friends as well that I haven`t been able to read or comment on your posts! I will definitely do it now since I have the extra time. I can`t believe that the school year is almost over in 2 more months! This school year has been so hectic for me that of course my luuux blogging is put to the side. Back to topic now here is my Luuux blog spam (yes, I mean the food. ;P)

Not really a hamburger but the shape of it reminds me so much of one! A while back I`ve actually tried this before and to be honest it doesn`t taste delicious in my opinion at all. So why did my aunt repurchase it again? No clue, but since I was extremely hungry that day I really didn`t mind the dry and corse taste of the bread. It was really hard to chew on! :( The eggs were once again pretty bland and there wasn`t enough pork on the burger to really add any additional changes in the taste. I did add cucumbers on this bread to make it a little more moist, but then again it really didn`t help much. Overall, it was a filling meal, but I hope we won`t purchase this again, because in all honesty it really isn`t any good.

<Strong> Have you tried anything similar to this before? Comment down below :)<Strong>

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