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5 years ago

Today I bring the review of another product I`m using a nominee of a dermatologist! And I confess that I am loving it, his name is Effaclar Duo La Roche Posay! Let`s check what it says the product?

Packaging: 40 ml

Price: 20 on average (I paid 13.50)

What promises to:

The La Roche-Posay Laboratories developed Effaclar Duo, gel-textured product with clear fluid that acts simultaneously on both signs of oily skin with a tendency

to acne, blemishes, inflammatory lesions (acne), oiliness and shine, blocked pores and comedones (blackheads)

Active Ingredients for greater efficiency
For the first time to La Roche-Posay combined five dermatological active ingredients in a product for skin care:

LHA ® - Powerful keratolytic active ingredient that has an exceptional affinity with the epidermis. It seeps through the stratum corneum microesfoliação to make a precise and specific fine. By eliminating the dead cells, the LHA ® unclogs the pores.

Linoleic Acid - is a natural component of sebum. Acne patients showed a deficiency in linoleic acid up to 35%. It has been clearly identified a relationship between this deficiency in linoleic acid and abnormal keratinization of the pilosebaceous canal. For the 1st time, this active ingredient is combined by means of a unique and patented technology to directly and specifically within the pores and prevent clogging.

Niacinamide - biologically active form of Vitamin B3. It inhibits the messengers of inflammation and neutralizes irritants to reduce the intensity of the reactions.

Piroctone Olamine - Active ingredient recognized for its antibacterial action against P. acnes. It also has a fungicidal action on P. ovale, a fungus that increases the harmful effects of P. acnes.

Zinc PCA - seborreguladora action that reduces the formation of comedones.

To evaluate the effectiveness of EFFACLAR DUO, La Roche-Posay conducted a rigorous clinical study under dermatological supervision.

Significant results after just 4 weeks:

Decrease the number of comedones and inflammatory lesions;
Decreased production of sebum;
Decrease in pore size.

What I found:

I`m quite liking the product, I`m using the 3 weeks since I see my skin looking better, more beautiful, it seems more hydrated, I confess that my face is getting very white with the application of this product because I think they`re doing undesirable my spots, I`m particularly loving, love to have color candle! it is a nearly perfect, is disguising all my acne marks squeezed, they are becoming less visible, but nothing is perfect as the price of it`s kind of salty right? More confess that it`s worth, my dermatologist prescribed me that I use it for 90 days, then at the end of treatment,`ll tell you on twitter, what I found.

And you have already used this product? Did you like it?

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