Eel Sushi Pizza

4 years ago

Went to a Japanese all you can eat restaurant for lunch today since my sister came back from Asia and she missed all you can eat sushi. Generally when myself or her go to Asia, eating anything raw or sushi would send us on an immediate trip to the hospital for food poisoning, which is why we avoid it.

One of the dishes we ordered was the Eel sushi pizza. It was the only sushi pizza on the menu that was not raw. It was pretty good =)

The sushi pizza crust was actually sushi rice mixed with some rice vinegar then it is shaped into a round mould and deep-fried so the outer part is golden brown and crispy.

An avocado piece layered with tobiko is placed on top. A grilled eel is then layered on and unagi sauce is drizzled over it.

This wasn`t my first time eating sushi pizza and I`ve had very good ones so I was pretty critical. It was pretty good though =)

The rice shell was very crispy while the rice inside remained very soft and fluffy. There was just enough unagi sauce to flavor the eel and rice crust. The avocado was a very good touch since the creaminess blended very well with the crispiness and softness of the rice and the flavor of unagi.

I actually ate half the pizza by myself!

What do you guys think?

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