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5 years ago

<p style="margin-top:0;margin-bottom:0;">On the 17th on this month was mine and my hubbies 4 year wedding anniversary. Each year we go by the gift guide that symbolizes each year, and this year was flowers and fruit. While I do enjoy a cute bouquet of flowers to display around your house or even on your dinner table...I`m just not into spending a fortune on expensive flowers that will last a couple of days. The hubby knows not to buy me some either..I tell him its a waste of money and because I know his taste and what he will go for its a big NO NO. As soon as he got home I could tell he was in a hurry and with all the stops we had to make I understood...plus he forgot to get this lovely surprise for me and went straight home without it. So first stop was to get this along with the package of separate fruits....not even thinking about it, it went perfect to symbolize our year and because I`m prego I have been eating a ton of fruit anyways. Second stop drop the lil one off at ballet, then head to the hospital because his cousin had his baby then pick lil one back up then head to dinner...poor baby he was behind cause he forgot my gift..I knew he was stressed having to go all the way back towards the opposite way...Anyways thought I would share with you all my little surprise my baby got me. And I must add the fruit was to die for and super juicy...and the chocolate and nice and rich..in the box were chocolate covered apples, stawberries, and pineapple...along with all the other fruit from the arrangment I got a little bit of everything. Have any of you ever ordered from this place before and what are your thoughts ??</p>
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