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EddsWorld is a YouTube channel created by someone called Edd Gould. Edd Gould loved drawing comics, and he used to base most of them around his friends on the playground. He got the name EddsWorld because of the film called WaynesWorld. His friends characters look changed alot until they were adults, because of the fact that they were still growing. They made the YouTube channel and they are a great hit. In 2006, Edd developed cancer, but he fought back hard, and it left. His audience grew and grew, and after 5 years, the cancer came back, but with a bigger weapon. After a year long battle, the fight was over. Edd sadly past away. However, before he did, he said that he didn`t want the show to end with him, so the show goes on. Now all the extra money that the show makes will go to an amazing cancer charity, so the money left will be to help the show to carry on running.

You can make donations to the show by the following link: http://www.indiegogo.com/eddsworld. Not only are you donating, but you also get great rewards. Even though the site is in dollars, you can still donate from anywhere you are in the world.

Source link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGD-4TuGLY8&feature=plcp

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