Eddie Murphy!

4 years ago

I think Eddie Murphy is so underrated. I loved Coming to America and alot of his earlier work, and he has definately done some crap tastic things in the past, but Shrek was super funny and so was Norbit.
I completely was blind sided by Norbit, I did not think that would be anything I would ever watch. I just knew it would suck to high heaven, but I couldn`t stop myself laughing when I was watching it.
Now I know, I know movies like Pluto Nash and some of his more kiddie movies. Harlem Nights and the Beverly Hills Cop series, The Nutty Professor and Life. Imageine that was one of the cutest movies. I could have lived without Dr/ DoLittle sequals, the first was ok. Oh Tell me Golden Child wasen`t an 80s classic!
Eddie is a good actor, but he has made just as many crap movies as good movies. I bet ther are a bunch of Eddie Murphy movies that you don`t remember or his stand up, What about his CD in the 80s.
Does anybody remember that?
Do you have a favorite Eddie Murphy Movie?
Like I said I love Shrek, even though he(Shrek) started to get a little more adult later in the series.
Oh oh, he was totally hilarious in the old Saturday Night Live flicks.
I know many people hate Eddie Murphy cause he has said and done some really stupid and politically incorrect things in his life and career, but the man is a good actor and his ups are just as many as his downs.

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