EDC Las Vegas 2012

4 years ago

EDC (Electronic Daisy Carnival) is a 3-day experience for electronic music like trance. I brought my 3-day pass for $300 but if you buy it at the first pre-sale date, it will cost about $215.

A group of three, including me, to and from Las Vegas. We got hotel about two weeks before the even through Hotwire bidding.

We only went Friday and Saturday and sold our Sunday part of the pass. Friday was fun. It was my first rave so I was a bit intimidated since I didn`t know what to expect. I was not familiar with the DJs performing nor do I listen to the music religiously. Despite all that, I still had fun. Other people there are so friendly and into the music. If someone bumps into you, they apologized. That never happens in SF clubs or lounges. Someone can step on your toes and they`ll be the ones staring at you like you did something wrong.

I was more excited on Saturday but the shut down the stages due to the wind around 1pm which was the time we were ready to listen to some trance. Big disappointment but I guess it`s better to be safe than sorry.

The pictures were taken on Day 1 (Friday) of the festival throughout different hours. The last two photos were of when the sun came up (4-6am). Sorry for the blurry photos.

Great music + Great company = Great experience. EDC 2013 is already on my calendar. If you haven`t been to EDC, you definitely need to put it in your to-do list.

*Please don`t assume everyone at raves do drugs. Most do but not all.

*Pictures are mine.
*Please do not use pictures without permission.

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