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2 years ago

Hey Luuuxers!

I wanted to share with all of you another haul I recently got off of ebay.

I bought a mini exfoliating sponge on a trip to New York this summer, but I never got to use it because my sister stole it. :(

She was really impressed with it, but after a while, it needed a replacement.

We both checked in stores and weren`t able to find one. I bought it at a Harmon`s Beauty Supply store in New Jersey, and we don`t have Harmon`s here so I wasn`t sure where to look after some local beauty supply stores didn`t have anything.

So I ended up looking on eBay! That`s where I discovered these `Wonderpuffs`. They are the same texture as the original sponge I bought, but seem to be a brand name (the one I bought seemed to be a `no name` option). Unfortunately it seemed that the ebay options were much more expensive than the one I bought for just over a dollar in New York.

People were selling the individual Wonderpuff for 5 dollars plus shipping, or packs of 4 for 10-12 dollars plus shipping. That was a little too expensive for me. I finally found a seller who had a lot of 6 packs of 4 that were being bid on. Shipping was under 3 dollars, and I ended up with a winning bid for under 20 dollars for all 6 packs! So each of the sponges came up around to just under a dollar.

I`m excited to use these. And since I have so many, I plan on using some to help exfoliate sensitive parts of my body that sometimes need extra exfoliation like my under arms or my shoulders.

And since I`m a good sister, maybe I will even consider sharing some of these with my sister :P

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