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4 years ago

So as you might know, i was having a accessories kick and was trying to build up my accessory collection since I have slowed down on hoarding the make up. The best place and the most fun place to get some accessories for cheap is eBay. Almost everything was less then $3 a piece and I spent less then $30 on all the stuff I got including the bracelets and rings.

Since eBay sellers and posts always changes, I will link the seller (if they still sell it) I got it from or what you should type into the search bar if the seller doesn`t sell the item anymore.

Love necklace ("Hot Rhinestone Love Bead Necklace Pendant "):
This necklace is definitly prettier in the pictures and I didn`t really expect it to be this crappy looking in real life. But hey, it was only $1.29. I`m sure you could get it for 99 cents but I didn`t have the patience to look through millions of search results. What this is is little label type necklace thtt says love in handwritting and has a small fake pearl for the "O" and a fake dangling rhinestone under the "E". I do not recommend this to anyone since this just screams cheap to me and the gold one, the lettering isn`t even straight. Just fail. No go okay? Oh and when i got the gold one, the lobster clasp doesn`t even work, and the seller was kind enough to send me another one in sliver.

Rocking horse necklace (CD Vintage fashionable necklace pendants trojan horse ):
I still haven`t woren this out but this is one of those things where its you get what you pay for. It looks better in pictures but I won`t complain because its decent if you look far away. The chain is just a two tone fake suede leather thats tied together that is adjustable .

Alice and wonderland clock and bunny (Fashion Retro Style Multilayer Hollow Love Heart Watch Clock Pendant Necklace) & http://www.ebay.com/itm/Fashion-Retro-Style-Multilayer-Hollow-Love-Heart-Watch-Clock-Pendant-Necklace-/251007997618?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a713e16b2:
I really love this necklace because its sooooo cute! I wore this out with just a plain white chiffon blouse and the little heart just gives that small and delicate color. I would recommends one for only $1.86.

Token necklace:
I can`t find out what this necklace is called since the seller doesn`t sell it anymore. But i do like this necklace. It has these cute coins, black beads, key, effiel tower and a flower imprint. For $2.89, its pretty cute :D.

House of Harlow knockoff (Europe Chic Fashion Black Geometric Figure Necklace):
This isn`t as nice as the real one and I really wish I had the real one but I`m not going to drop $150 for a necklace that just is going to go out of style so ebay is the way to go :). For $2.99, not bad not bad. The only thing i have to say is that the necklace was way to tightly made which made the black enamel pieces stick up and was really annoying to wear but I fixed that by taking it apart and treading it through some fish thread.

Antique gemstone necklace (Simitter new fashion retro elliptic hollow out chain necklace 6 color):
This one i was still deciding on which color i wanted since there was so many but i picked the turquoise one and i quite like it. It was only $1.89 so its not that bad but its decently built but I don`t know if it will last long.

Native feather (Vintage Retro Copper Beads Leaf Shape High Quality Pendant):
This is is really fun and i honestly thought it was a chocker type of necklace so I was quite surprised when it was super long. This one is quite decent too and was only $2.43. I might make this into a chocker style though.

Green birdie locket:
This one i really don`t recommened but i think tis just mine. This is really pretty and its pretty good quality but the thing is, mine came without the little magnets on the inside so it doesn`t close and just flap like a crazy bell. $2.84

*all pictures are mine*

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