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2 years ago

Hey luuuxers!

I`ve been ordering a bunch of stuff from ebay lately,since it is a great place to find affordable costume jewelry. You can find all sorts of items and get them for great prices!

I found a few statement necklaces, that were very affordable. The necklace with the black gems was right around 2 dollars. My favourite necklace that I bought is the black one with the filigree design. It reminds me of a necklace someone posted here a long while ago from forever 21 or the like. This necklace looks exactly the same but cost me under 4 dollars!

I have also been into the `harness` bracelet trend lately, but I`ve been unable to find them in stores. Some people call them `slave bracelets` but I find that name degrading so I prefer `harness bracelet` instead. I got 2. Different chain designs - one that loop over the middle or ring finger and has a bunch of chain layered across the back of the hand, and one that has 3 chains that loop over 3 fingers and around the wrist. They are really cool statement pieces and good conversation starters. Each of these was right around a dollar.

I also bought some regular bracelets that I saw - 2 black and gold ones that have chains or charms, and 2 everyday ones made of braided faux leather or material with charms woven in. The braided ones were very inexpensive (under 50 cents each) and the other 2 were under a dollar!

I happened to stumble across some other unique items during my searches as well - I found a small ear cuff that wraps around the top of the ear for around 70 cents! I`m not sure how well it`s going to stay in place but it seems like a cool idea to try out. I also saw a cool head piece that has a diamond piece in the middle -I loved the look so much and thought it would be cool to try out for just over a dollar! I hope it doesn`t get tangled in my hair! Lol

I also got some big chunky rings that I`ve been wearing interchangeably and getting huge compliments on! I like wearing these on my pointer finger and I was able to get a size 9 so they fit very comfortably! Each of these was between 75 cents to just over a dollar.

I was able to also get some rubber earring backs for just 30 cents! There were supposed to be 100 pairs, but the bag looked pretty small, and there were only 70 pairs or so. Though I am mostly using these as back up for the metal earring backs I bought off of ebay a while ago (the metal ones don`t fit on all my earrings) I did let the seller know that the bag was smaller than promised, and they sent me another pack!

Lastly, I have been really curious about the whole `body chain` trend, but some of these simple chains in store cost 20 bucks or more! I was able to find a body chain identical to one being sold in stores for 22 dollars for only 3 bucks! Even the packaging was the same! I`m excited to wear this over some simpler outfits to help jazz them up :)

So many great ebay finds, so little time! Lol do you guys ever shop on ebay?


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