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4 years ago

{Picture put together by me from my blog}
Jewellery trends change a lot and there are many jewellery pictures that I`ve seen on Tumblr that are popular, so I wanted to tell you all that instead of paying a lot of money you can get jewellery on eBay for really cheap! (All of the pics above are from eBay). Most things pictured are just £0.99 with free shipping from Hong Kong which amazing compared to prices in Accessorize etc! If you don`t want to wait for the shipping, many of these items are also sold in UK eBay shops (however they cost a bit more). I`ve ordered quite a few pieces of jewellery from eBay recently and when they arrive I will post photos on here & do a YouTube haul for you :)

1. Belt bracelets - this trend is really popular & I love this white version!
2. Owl necklace - I`ve seen SO many of these on Tumblr & the ones in Accessorize are quite expensive. I found this one for £0.99!!
3. Dainty pendant necklaces - as you can see in the top right corner, there are many choices of dainty small pendant necklace... I`ve seen these on many celebrities including Hanna on Pretty Little Liars. I ordered the Key & Bow ones - I`ll show you when they arrive :)
4. Moustache jewellery - You can get any kind of jewellery with moustaches on now! It`s a popular trend, especially moustache rings.
5. Camera necklace - I`ve seen SO many different kinds of camera necklace on tumblr and I think they`re really cute
6. Braided leather bracelets (Pandora/charm/friendship bracelet style) - I ordered a set of two pink ones for 99p - you can get them in any colour you want.
7. Eiffel tower necklace - I thought this was really cute and so I bought one :) They do bracelets too.
8. Skull bangle bracelet - these are really popular at the moment so instead of paying around £10 for one, get one for £0.99 on eBay :)
9. Postcard / letter necklace - these vintagey postcard designs are so popular - Ive seen them on bags, purses, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, basically everything :)
10. Zip bracelet - I can`t decide if I like this or not but they are popular at the moment
11. Triangle / spike necklace - I like these statement necklaces with the right outfit.
12. Scrabble rings - these are all over tumblr & you can even get pink ones! They do earrings / bracelets / necklaces if you don`t like rings :)

Thanks for reading! - Emily

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