Ebay Hauling

4 years ago

I too have jumped on the ebay bandwagon (per say) to find jewelry. I have liked all the jewelry they sell but have always been skeptical about their sizes and appearance. I mean I could order it online but once I get it what if it looks different or I don`t like the colors. I had had good and not so good experience`s with eBay (All have been top rated sellers).

I picked up two artsy rings; One in black and one in white. I had seen many say about the sizes being off or too small. So I decided to search it up for a size 8 (yes I have chunky fingers lol). I found a site that said they sold size 8 and 9. I thought it was great so I decided to pick both up. They only had size 8 in stock.

Now onto the bad part, I was a bit disapointed that the black one didn`t fit. I mean it goes in but not all the way I feel its more of a 7.8 ring size lol..It doesn`t look bad but we will see what happens.
Now the white artsy ring fit perfectly like it was meant for me!
(hahaha sounding like I`m a the only person in the world) It feels comfty and I will be wearing that in no time. I wanted to pick some more colors up but I`m not sure since itll be a 50/50 chance of it fitting. Unless they have a bigger size in stock

I also picked up a double wrapped bracelet in red. I had liked it and put a bit and hadn`t noticed I won. I have to keep an eye on my emails with these things. The bracelet feels very good and I used it this weekend with no trouble.

I did order a couple of more things as soon as I get them I will be posting about them. I`m pretty excited about those as well.

A funny thing, If you follow me on <em>IG</em> (arual728). You will see I posted about some Dotting tools. Well back in January I had placed an order and I hadn`t recieved word about them so the seller refunded me the money. They apologized and I figured well if they are lost they`ll just send it back to the shipper. Wrong, I recieved them on Friday! Isn`t that crazy!? From January to April?? lol.. I messaged the seller since I felt bad. They said just to keep them for Free, Hey who doesn`t like free??!

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