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2 years ago

Hey Luuuxers,

I have been on a major eBay kick lately! Sometimes, when I can`t find something specific I am looking for in stores, or when I want to get a good deal on something and I`m willing to wait, I turn to eBay!

EBay has a great variety of items and an excellent customer satisfaction guarantee so it`s good to turn to from time to time!

I have been looking for an acrylic lipstick holder for a while now. I was able to purchase one from Dollarama a while ago but it only holds 9 lipsticks. I went back to get a second one, but they don`t seem to carry it any more.

I checked a few places but the prices were way too expensive for my taste, and I decided to look on eBay. I was able to find an option that holds 24 lipsticks for under 5 dollars, including free shipping!

I also decided to check out some of the other items this seller had listed and ended up choosing a set of tweezers meant for false eyelash application. I have looked at items like this before, but again, they were to expensive and I`ve always decided that my tweezers at home can do the job. These were right around a dollar, so I decided to give them a try! And since I was purchasing the tweezers, I also ended up choosing a set of 10 false eyelashes to test them out with!

All these items were by the same seller, so they all arrived together, and everything was right around 8 dollars and shipped for free!

I have also purchased a bunch of jewellery items from a bunch of different sellers, but once I receive everything, I can post a huge haul :)

So while you have to be careful on eBay and make sure you choose a good seller, you can always score a good deal if you are patient and willing to wait!


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