Eating Lily Pad Seeds?!

3 years ago

Would you ever eat lily pad seeds if you were given the opportunity? I sure did when I went to China last summer. Lily pads seeds are not generally thought to be consumed as food, but when I was walking down the street-food alley, I was pretty surprised you could.

When I first saw these, I was unsure what they were. Until I was told that they were lily pad seeds. First thing came to my mind was "Really, you can eat these?!" I decided to give it a try and bought just one. I`m glad that I only bought one since I didn`t really enjoy the seeds. I found them to be quite bland and it had a strange texture to it. And in my opinion, they were too time consuming to peel each seed. For each seed, you would have to pop them out of the pod and peel off the green "skin" of the seed. If these were cooked and seasoned, I think I would prefer them better than them being just the way they are.

<strong>Have you ever tired lily pad seeds? Would you</strong>

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