Eating Clean

5 years ago

Eating clean is a hot topic in the health world. My mom first introduced it to me when she bought two books about it and told me "I want to eat clean." and I was like "Umm...what?" If you don`t know what it is already, basically it`s eating food at it`s most natural state, meaning, non processed foods. This sounds like a diet at first but when you think about it, it`s sort of just eating natural foods which happen to be the foods that are good for you. At first I was like "Cool, I want to do that too." And I still am this way but when I got more interested I realized that this is discipline and hard work. I also realized how many foods are processed. It seems like everything nowadays is processed and that there is little to eat after you eliminate them all. Honestly this is one of those things that I had to tell myself that I just have to try my best and do some trials and errors before I`m no longer a beginner but a master at this (I`m being optimistic). Now, I haven`t started yet because I need to research and really get my head around what I can buy and where I can go to get better foods, but this sounds so good for you. I`ll post more about it when I get into it more.
What do you think about eating clean?
If you eat clean already, any tips for a beginner?

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