Eaten Live by Snake on December 7th, 2014

This is a stunt that no man has done but wildlife filmmaker Paul Rosolie is taking the risk. He will be the first to be eaten live by an anaconda snake. This stunt show will be aired on December 7, 2014. Paul will be dressed in a protective `snake-proof` suit with oxygen gear. However over 21,000 people have signed a petition to not air the show because of animal cruelty. The reason being is ~ How will he get himself out of the reptile? According to this article: states in order for Paul to be free he will have to cut himself out. The innocent snake is endangered for his thrill.

What are your thoughts about this animal cruelty? Yes, it is an interesting one of a lifetime show to watch but the snake will be harmed for thrill.

~ Facts about Anaconda Snakes ~

- Largest & heaviest snake (weigh up to 550 lbs that is about 11 kids)
- Can grow up to 30 feet (equivalent to a school bus!)
- Eats fish, turtles, pigs, jaguars, deer
- Hunts in water & ground but mainly stays in water
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