Eat these Foods For a Flat Belly

4 years ago

I`m in the process of reading how to get a flat belly because darn well I have a "fat" belly! :/ I`m searching and searching on something simple I can teach myself to do. I stumbled upon a site that tells you what to eat to get a flat belly. I`ll list a few since there are so many.

<strong>Olive Oil:</strong>

I have been using Oliver Oil for the longest time now. I knew it was made for people get full a little faster. I usually drizzle a little when I cook something on the stove.


When it comes to eating fruits we all know they`re refreshing and delicious! Fruits has vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Whats so great about fruits are that you can eat it with anything. Peanut butter and banana! Grapes in salads!

<strong>Eggs:</strong> I`m Vietnamese and I must say I eat eggs often as possible! Eggs are great for you because it has protein in it. That`s why people drink raw eggs. Ekkkk.


Drinking at least 8 cups of water a day is important! Your body must feel hydrated because if you don`t you`ll gonna feel weak! Drinking water flushed the toxins out your body! Also it`s a great idea to drink water before you eat or between times. It makes you get full a little faster!

I listed four that I used, but there are more I do from the list. It was a very long list so yeah! Using these and the others should help me to get a flat stomach. Not only that, but change my eating habits!

1. Are you satisfied with your body?
2. Do you hate how your stomach looks like?

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