Eat Cake For Breakfast, Lose Weight!

5 years ago

I might have the best news you have had in some time because a study shows that eating cake for breakfast can even help you lose weight. Isn`t this great ?!
A study divided a group of overweight people to conduct the experience that split them into groups with both consuming the same amount of calories everyday (1600) but the difference was that one of the groups had a 300 calorie breakfast with healthy and nutritious food and the other had a breakfast with 600 calories that included chocolate cake.

The experience showed that not only the group with the chocolate cake and 600 breakfast lost more weight ( 40lb in average) but they also had less cravings and cheated less on the diet when compared to the other group-
So, does this means that you should go buy chocolate cake for you next breakfast?! Not really.

Here is my take on it: The number of calories is the most important thing since a calorie deficit leads to weight loss. The reason i think they had less cravings was because of the bigger breakfast that has been proven to be one of the most important meals in the day, but also because they had they sugar fix and cravings satisfied in the morning.
What i think people should do is maybe increase the calories in the breakfast but still with healthy foods and incorporate some sugar/chocolate treats once in a while so they don`t feel deprived.

That is just my opinion, but i guess i won`t mind as much if i haver get chocolate cake on my breakfast.

<strong>What do you think of the idea of having chocolate cake for breakfast? Is it something you would like?
Do you also think its best to incorporate chocolate and other treats in moderation instead?</strong>

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