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2 years ago

I always have such a difficult time finding what I will have for dinner. It seems like every single day is such a chore. Last night I decided to throw together a simple salad which overall was healthy and super delicious. I love salad and I tend to love ginger dressing from a local Japanese restaurant that I buy by the bowl lol. This is great to prepare for your weekly lunch and dinners. You can change it up every night with different toppings and different proteins.

Here is what you will need but you can change this to whatever you prefer:
-salad mix of your choice- I used fresh spinach mix
-protein of your choice- I used fresh shrimp
-toppings of your choice
-dressing/sauce of your choice-I used fresh ginger dressing from a local Japanese restaurant
-your favorite seasonings- I used salt,pepper and a Cajun mix
-cooking oil-I used olive oil

Prepare and wash your salad mix and I always like to use napkins to dry some of the water out so it doesn`t water down my dressing once added
Clean and devein your shrimp if needed- season with your favorite seasonings
Pre-heat your pan to medium heat, you don`t want to have your heat too high that you burn your food
Add oil of your choice- I added just a small bit of olive oil
Cook your shrimp for a few minutes on each side.. I tend to like my shrimp cooked a bit longer
Once done let your shrimp rest for a few minutes
Add your meat and toppings to your salad and add your dressing!
Enjoy- It`s super yummy!

dinner shrimp salad ginger spinach

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