Easy Ways to Diminish Stretch Marks!

4 years ago

I have recently lost a lot of fat in the past few months. I feel more confident and energized. The only problem is that it comes with stretch marks. Here are some easy ways to lessen their appearance or prevent new ones from sprouting.

Stretch marks are scars beneath the skin. They won`t disappear over night. Don`t worry about it :) If you have oily skin then the marks won`t be as noticable. You`ll know how bad your stretch marks are depending on the texture of your skin and how light or dark it is.

1.) Drink tons of water. It keeps the skin hydrated. Stretch marks are scars and can look worse on dry skin.

2.) Moisturize at least 2 times a day. New stretch marks usually have a bumpy texture. Make sure you heavily message it into your skin. You can use cocoa butter with vitamin E or bio oil. A mixture of the two works best for me.

3.) Try to not loose weight extremely quickly. No more than 10 pounds a month. Your skin is like a balloon. The more you stretch it out, the more saggy or wrinkly it will be.

4.) Don`t worry if you have stretch marks ESPECIALLY if you have a had a kid recently. It WILL go away. If you want to cover it up, you can use Sally Hansen`s airbrush leg to cover the areas needed. At the beach you can use a tankini which is basically a tank top and it`s bottom. Or you could try using a swinsuit that has texture or pattern or scrunching in the tummy.

5.) Most people get stretch marks in their tummy or shoulders. Do regular excercises to build muscle and tone your arms. It makes them less noticable.

6.) Smile :)

**All of this info is from personal exprience and my mom. Pictures were taken by me**

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