Easy way to drink more water!

4 years ago

Okay so I have this problem with drinking water, I dont. I know Im not the only one out there who has this problem too, so heres a simple trick to making sure you get in your daily dose of water. The recommended daily amount varies between 64 oz to over double that, so with this trick you might not be getting that much water but this is a great way to slowly work yourself up to drinking more and more.
Its a really simple trick and you can measure the water out so you drink more in an hour or less. Just take a water bottle and mark it with dashes on each dash put a time signature like the ones I have. If you want to drink more water make the dashes father apart or if you want to start with less make them closer together. Then set your goal to have the water drank before you hit the time marked on the dash. Its a brilliant and simple way to start drinking more water. When you set a timer on it, it becomes more of a game than a chore. I cant stand drinking water because its so bland, but this really does make it easier!
You can do this with any bottle of water whether its store bought bottles, or reusable water bottles. If you use reusable bottles I recommend using a dry erase marker to write on the sides, that way it will be easy to clean off and not permanent.

I hope you find this tip useful and that it works well for you! Let me know if it does, or doesn`t and if you find other tips to help you please share!

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