Easy to Make Fried Rice with no cooking oil!

3 years ago

Hi all you Luuuxers,

I`m like most of you where sometimes we just don`t have the time to cook a meal. So whipping up a quick and simple dish is the way to go! And sometimes when I have a lot of random foods lying around and I`m not sure what to do with it, I sometimes combine them together to make a meal out of it! That`s exactly what I did here!

I had some leftover peas and corn in my freezer and I used a bit of margarine to fry the peas and corn together, set them aside and thought what else could I add with this to make a meal out of it. So I sliced up some hot dogs, boiled them up. Then I made some scrambled eggs, set that aside as I knew I was gonna add rice to this later on to make fried rice! I then had some leftover chicken where I sliced them up, re fried it up a bit and set that aside too. Then I took a big pot, combined some white rice in with all of these that I had set aside earlier. The scrambled eggs, peas and corn and tiny slices of hot dogs all added in with the rice. I used some soy sauce and some fish sauce as my flavoring. I then mixed these all together. I didn`t turn on the stove to mix these all in, as these are all already cooked and hot to go. So it`s kinda like a healthier version of typical fried rice in that I didn`t use any cooking oil at all. Everything was made naturally without any salt or oil added in. Except the peas and corn had a little bit of margarine in it, but not too much! I like to eat my foods really plain sometimes to be healthier.

And that`s it, fried rice without any cooking oil! Try this out :)

Happy Luuuxing!

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