Easy Project: Colored Sand Jar!

4 years ago

Do any of your remember this project? I sure do. This is a way you can basically make it yourself, at home, and you don`t need a kit or anything like that.

Of course, you totally could go out and buy a kit, and go from there, but I think this is more fun, since you are able to do it from creating the colors to everything.

What you need:
Glass jar with lid
paper or bowls

What to do
-You want to use a piece of paper or a small bowl, to use to create the colors, this will just help with keeping the mess to the minimum.
-Take some salt and pour a good amount, now take your chalk whichever color you want, and just start to "stir" the chalk in the salt, coating the white specks. The more you mix, the deeper more vibrant the color, the less, more pastel-like.
-You can do each color one-by-one, or you can do all of them at once.
-Take your jar, and however you want the order of the colors to be, slowly and carefully pour in the now coated salt chalk in the jar, layering til you reach the top.
-Screw on the lid, and done!

optional: you can hot glue the lid on, so it stays put and someone does take it off and ruin it.

Take your time with the layering, and be sure to use a good amount of salt with each layer, it will show better!

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