Easy non-baked Cheesecake with strawberries!

1 year ago

Hello sweeties,

This weekend I will have family meeting, and what`s better than to bring sweets to party. So I thought what should I bring - and, of course, cheesecake with strawberries. But because of work and me being lazy, I looked for recipe for easy one. Due to lazyness I created a recipe for cake out of what I have in my fridge, so I would nee to go to groceries store and spend extra cash. Otherwise I would just buy already made one.
So, let`s get started.

You will need:
250 grams (1 small box) of Philadelphia cream cheese;
240 grams of sweetened condensed milk
220 grams of sour-cream
20 grams of gelatin
190 gram of biscuit
100 grams of butter

for toping:
20 grams of gelatin
300 grams of fresh strawberries ( this you can change by your taste of fruits and berries)

First, of all put 20 gr. of Gelatin to bow and add 100 ml of cold water, and leave for 30min.

Then you take to plastic bags and put biscuit in one and add that to another plastic bag. Then firmly closed it and put on the ground (I know it sounds weird but if you close it properly then you should be fine). Step on bag a few times to crush biscuit. Put biscuit crumbs into bowl and add melted butter (you cal melt it in microwave). Mix everything and put into pie pan. This will be you base. Put this in the frigde for 15 min.

After that you boil some water in pot and put the bowl on top. So it would be as double boiling pot. And stir gelatin until it is desolved. Then you turn heat off and leave to cool for a bit.

While it`s cool you take another bowl and put cream cheese, sour-cream and condensed milk and mix everything together, then pour disolved gelatin and mix it. Take pie pan with biscuit base and pore cheese mixture into it. Softly hit pan into hard surface to make air bubles to come out. Then put this into the fridge for 1 hour.

For toping: clean strawberries and cut into how you prefer. Make gelatin as before. With double boiling pot method. Put strawberies onto firmed cheese cake (after 1 hour in fridge it should be already be quite firm). Slowly pour colded gelatin mixture on top of the strawberries (this preserves fresheness). Put into the fridge. You can it about after 4 hours, but I let to stay in fridge over night so about 10 hours.

Really worth it and easy to make. Fun to do with others helping :)


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