Easy Exercise - Sculpt Abs, Tone Inner Thighs and Butt Lift

4 years ago

It`s not running.

But you do need a treadmill for this.

This is a great exercise for sculpting your abs, toning your inner thighs and lifting your butt.

You do need someone to go over this with you if you are a beginner, especially if you just started exercising.

You have to ensure that you don`t overdo it as it may lead to pulled muscles and other various injuries.

This is what I call moving lunges on a treadmill.

For beginners, start with walking at a lower pace than normal. Then, at 0.0 height, start lunging with the help of the treadmill belt. The lunges should be higher than the ones you make if you were on a normal non-moving ground. Just let your back leg move with the belt back at a comfortable position then step forward to the front of the treadmill belt. Your other back leg would move back with the belt. Repeat this.

You should be getting tired around 50 lunges or 2 minutes. If you are not tired, then it may be too easy for you and you have to adjust the height of the treadmill.

Repeat this exercise with 2 minutes of lunges and 2 minutes of regular walking for 30 minutes.
After the exercise, you would have done at least 300 lunges without even knowing it!

Just make sure that when you are doing the lunges and walking, your back is straight, your head is looking forward and you are not bobbing your head in any direction. By keeping your upper body still, you engage more of your core muscles.

And always remember, KEEP YOUR HANDS ON THE TREADMILL BARS AT ALL TIMES to avoid injury.

This is like a power exercise - you tone your lower body and you burn calories at the same time =)

Hope that helps!

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