Easy DIY Canvas Picture Frame!

3 years ago

Hi Luuuxers! Welcome to my first ever post!! :)

Who here loves super easy DIY projects and better yet inexpensive ones too?! I sure do! Sometimes they come across unexpected or from items you buy in spur of the moments then you forget about them and one day you finally clean your room, you find it sitting there untouched and an idea comes to mind just like that! That`s what happened to me tonight lol!

This item that I had bought months ago (and totally forgot I had) is a hot pink Non-Woven Canvas that I picked up at a Dollarama (my fave dollar store to shop at btw!). And at first I didn`t know what to do with, I tend to buy things in the spur of the moment if I find it cute and I would come up with an idea of what to do with it later on. Anyways, so I had an idea of making it into a photo frame. I love collecting photo frames and displaying it in my room so I thought why not make another one :) So I went through my piles of photos that I had developed months ago. I also like to save fave pictures I find online to develop into photos afterwards. And all I did was taped two photos that I thought would go nicely with this hot pink canvas and that`s it! Very easy and totally inexpensive at the same time! I used tape instead of gluing the photos onto the canvas just in case I wanted to change up my photos from time to time.

So the canvas costed $1.00 and the two photos that I found online which I developed as photos costed $0.15 each! Super easy, super fast and super cheap DIY Project! Just how I like it as I love to find ways to save money or time and come out with a cute idea like this :)

Thanks for reading my first post, many more to come! Happy Luuuxing!!

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*Photos are my own*

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