Easy colorful jello shots

5 years ago

Hello all!
just wanted to share this super easy super cool looking jello shots!
If you know how to make jello shots you know how much of a hit they are and how simple they are for any party.
But this is a cute twist to an old favorite!
You can still use your fave brand of jello and follow the same recipe all you need to do is make each color one by one.
Step 1: choose colors you want to use. In my case for the example i will choose red,yellow,green.
Step 2: Start making the red fill each shot glass with a quater of the red jello.
Step 3: Put the red shot glasses in the fridge and let it fully set.
Step 4: make the yellow jello and put a quater of the yellow on the red jello that is already set.
Step 5: put shots back in fridge and let set.
then repeat these steps for the green. Now if you would life to add a fruit like i did with the cherry then you can throw it in which ever layer you would like. I would advise you to put a fruit slice that does not contain a skin,stem, or seed in it!
And enjoy!

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