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2 years ago

I was complaining to one of my friends that i`ve been running for 5 months now, but my legs look exactly the same. She had a simple solution for me, the squats app.
Now I have to be the first to admit i`m not great at staying on a schedule, i tend to miss a day here and there then try to compensate my missed days by over working (which is bad don`t do that).
This app is super simple to use, and is pretty personable. When you first start it will ask how many squat you can do in a row, and then it will create a daily work out for you based around that.
I must stress, it is important to be honest here. I would even start off with a lower number. If you get to optimistic the daily workout created will be to hard and become discouraging. That is where I ended up.
I put that I could do 25 squats in one workout period, and then it created a daily goal for me to do 56 (which is difficult).
So I over did it my first day and my legs were killing me. I would start off by doing 5 or 10, unless you`re in really great shape don`t stray over that to far. A squat might not sound like hard work, but after doing a few of them you really start to feel the burn!
I`ve been using this app for about a week now (which means 4 days with my schedule) but i`ve already noticed a difference on my thighs.
This work out is super simple, and it can be done anywhere you have room to stand up. Plus it can be done at anytime. The app gives you a minute resting time between reps but if something comes up there is no penalty for taking more time, and if you don`t need the rest time you can skip the rest.
At the end of a daily workout routine it will ask you to review it. Was it to easy, to hard or just right? Depending on how you answer it will change your workout routine for the next day.
I try to do one full set once a day, but that doesn`t always work out. So I do at least once every other day. I also go for walks and runs, so sometimes it`s better to alternate that work out schedule rather then try to master both.
Like i said this app is available free for iPhones, and it is super easy to use and understand!
If you`re looking to shape up your legs a little give this one a go!

The image provided above was screen capped from my phone.
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