Easy ampampCute DiY Crafts For Your Bedroom

DIY Crafts For Your Bedroom:

*1* DiY Bulletin Board

Firstly, you will need to get a picture frame of any size (a medium size is best but it is your choice).
Remove the glass from the frame. Cut some peel-and-stick cork squares with a carpet cutter to fit
the size inside the frame. Glue the cork to the frame backing with a hot glue gun. Add fabric to it
to make it look prettier. You can also paint the frame with any color that matches your bedroom.

*2* Christmas Lights

This one is not really a DIY craft but oh well. You can buy some new Christams lights at a store. But
to save money, hunt them down in the garage or storage room. Use thumb tacks or tape to hold it
up. You can also do this to your closet. Be creative and use a different color like red or blue lights.

*3* Intial Wooden Letters

You can find these at a craft stores such as Michael`s or Hobby Lobby. You can use your intials or
your first full name. Use paints, ribbons, glitter, buttons and whatever else you want to use to
decorate the letters.. After you are done decorating and the letters are dry (if you used glue or
paint), hang them up on your door or the wall.

*4* DiY Mustache Pillow

Right now, I am obessed with musatches for some weird reason. You can do this with different
prints or shapes or drawings BUT I am doing a mustache. You can make this with any solid/blank
pillow that you have. Before you start put something like a piece of carboard in between the
pillowcase. Draw the outline of one half the mustache with a pencil. Then fill in with a marker/
sharpie. Do the other half of the mustache. And now you have an amazing pillow to sleep on.

*5* Your Own Little `Shrine`

I am soo going to do this and in my head, it looks totally cutee!! Cut out or print off lots and lots
of pics of a celeb(s) who you LOVE. For me, I am going to do One Direction. The best place for
your shrine is where 2 of your edges of the walls that meet together. Fill in as much as you want.
Use some Christmas lights to make it pretty. Add small, fake flowers and scrapbook thingies that
will jazz up the shrine. Add anything you want since its YOUR shrine.

*6* DiY Flower Holder

This is an easy DiY craft to hold some cute fake flowers that you can add to your room for a girlier
look. Paint a one worded word on the bottle with fabric paint (such as love, hope, peace, smile).
Once the fabric paint is dry, spray a colored paint over the bottle with the fabric paint. When it is
dry, put in the fake flowers in the bottle.

*7* DiY Repurposed Cookie Sheet

This will be made into a magnet board. First, you will need to measure out a piece of a decorated
cardstock and glue onto the sheet. Or you can spray paint the sheet with any color you want. To
add a place for a hole on the sheet, put the sheet on something hard like a scrap of wood. Then
using a hammer, punch a nail into the center of the rim. Now you are done. Decorate it any way
that you want to.

*8* Pictures On Clothesline

This would work best if you are a photographer and take lots of pics. I love taking pics of anything
that I see. Starting with 2 nails, put them wherever you want the clothesline to begin and end.
Before yu hang anything up, make sure the nails are even. Now you can hang up the clothesline, if
you dont have that then you can use string. Check to see if the string/clothesline is strong because
you want to have strong string/clothesline. Hang your pics on clothespins and admire them.

*9* Typography

I have seen many pics of bedrooms with this. I seriously think that the person who started this was
super creative and awesome. So to start off, find a quote or song lyric that you really like. Type it
up with a font that is big enough for you to be able to see on your wall and print it. Cut them out
perfectly with one letter after another. Cut pieces of tape and roll it up. Stick the tape on the backs
of each letter. Be sure to make the tape rolls small enough that you wont see the tape sticking out
from behind the letter. You should use at least 2 rolls for each letter. Now you can stick up the

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